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Turning Tides: From Post-Incident Community Learning to Freediving Advocacy

Our little NYC freediving community recently came together to evaluate safety protocols, discuss the need for accessible education and standards, and advocate for legalization of breathhold competition locally.

Hosted by Nicole and moderated by the Philly Merman Louis Marinucci, this stream analyzed a recent LMC incident to identify areas for improvement.

Special Guest Gareth Lock, of the Human Diver (Human Factors in Diving - his Essentials course is a must!*) provided valuable perspectives on building a culture of safety as he walks the community through a debrief. We couldn't recommend his Blog enough - it's filled with priceless wisdom for divers at all levels, including this piece about analyzing dive accidents.

Later in the stream, Community members and lifeguard Leo share their perspectives, and old friend and Dive Medic Chris Ciccotelli shares advice - because a culture of safety takes a village after all!

Speakers emphasize the importance of standardized protocols, understanding hypoxic responses, and learning from experiences. The livestream highlights the need for consistent and accessible freediving curriculum and standards across agencies. It also explores grassroots advocacy efforts to influence lawmakers with responsible best practices. By practicing intentional safety and transparent communication, the community aims to establish a safety culture - a prerequisite to "Underwater 4 All". This livestream is a must-watch for not only freedivers, but aquatic professionals, scuba divers, lifeguards, activists, and others seeking to advance safety in the sport. Tune in and watch as we alchemize a near-miss into an opportunity for freediving advocacy and community safety.


BUT WAIT! Don't go yet!

If you want to help us grow access to freediving in NYC and overturn the Breath-hold Competition Ban, please sign this petition! It'll only take a moment.

If you have any takeaways or comments, please share them with us! We want to know what you think and keep this conversation going.

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