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Why SuperDive's Switch to a Membership Model is Revolutionizing Dive Education

Discover why SuperDive is transitioning from traditional certification to a membership model, promoting continuous learning and community in the diving world.

Time To Move Out of the Shallows...

Ever felt like learning to dive was like being rushed through a short, intense sprint, with the finish line being that coveted certification card? Yeah, we've been there, and frankly, that mindset keeps divers stuck in the shallow end and overcharges them for the short end of the stick. That's why at SuperDive, we're shaking things up big time, moving away from the traditional certification model to something we believe in a whole lot more: a membership model. And we hope this causes a ripple effect - no, a tsunami - in the world of underwater recreation.

Collecting Cards and Badges is for Pokémon Trainers, not Divers

Picture this: you sign up for a dive course, pumped to explore the big blue. But instead of a grand adventure, it's more like a mad dash through a checklist of skills, with barely enough pool time to get your fins wet. Some instructors might throw in a bit extra tutoring if you're lucky, but often, it's just about ticking boxes and pushing you through the system. And then, wham, bam, thank you, ma'am! You're "certified" – and supposed to be ready to dive up to 60 feet deep, with a (perhaps equally inexperienced) buddy. But show me a diver who says they don't need mentorship or supervision after four dives - and I'll explain the definition of the Dunning-Krueger effect. It's difficult to dispute - feeling truly comfortable and prepared underwater takes more than just four dives.

The Certification Industry is Sinking: A Case for Change

Let's face it, the traditional certification system is like a J-Valve... it worked for a while - but why accept that amount of risk when we can do so much better? Why should we continue to accept a system that's more interested in handing out cards than ensuring real, deep-down dive readiness? When things go belly-up, it's not just the victims of poor training who suffer; it's the whole dive community, struggling with ever-increasing insurance rates and decreasing access to dive sites. Not to mention, the whole setup is rigged to favor the big training agencies- who profit by making a pretty penny off digital learning products that cost them zilch to reproduce. When the focus is on "getting the next card", it hinders dive professionals from being able to cultivate meaningful relationships with their customers. At the end of the day, we are overdue for change. It's time to stop gatekeeping dive education and reconsider the value dive students deserve.

The Next Wave of Dive Education Arrives

So, we thought, why not flip the script? Instead of treating dive education like a short sprint to a certification finish line, let's reframe it as the lifelong, enriching journey it is – like joining a martial arts dojo or signing up for ski school. With our membership model, diving isn't just about getting a card; it's about continuous learning, diving deeper into skills, and, most importantly, building a community of like-minded aquatic enthusiasts. It's about making diving accessible, safe, and enjoyable for everyone.

The Perks of Continuous Learning and Community

Imagine a place where you can hone your skills not in a day, but week after week, where can make friends and be part of a crew that goes beyond just sharing air. Members of our community share experiences, adventures, photos, and even hang out outside of the water! That's what we're all about. Our members aren't just customers to be processed, they're part of the SuperDive family, growing together, dive by dive.

Navigating the Uncharted Waters of a Membership Model

Sure, charting a new course comes with its challenges. We're going back to the drawing board and revisiting everything from training standards to E-learning content. We understand that the experiences SuperDive offers may not align with what folks are "used to", or what other dive businesses are doing. Rejecting the traditional way can feel like swimming upstream. However, we are confident that our rigorous new measures of quality control will set an unparalleled example for the rest of the dive industry to catch up to. As Jenny Lord writes for the Human Diver blog:

Change requires effort. To re-learn to teach something you’ve been teaching for decades is harder than learning to teach something new. But by not changing and staying up to date with modern best practice, we’re not giving our students a fair start.

Dive In With Us: Join the Revolution

Our members will be able to access ALL OF THE TRAINING THEY WANT in a single subscription. Want to plan a busy month and take entry-level freediving, scuba diving, and mermaiding courses? Go ahead, don't be shy. Should you want to formally recognize your mastery, SuperDive issues certification exams and cards separately at an accessible rate. By separating training from certification, we ensure the impartiality and integrity of our certification cards. So when you hold one, you know it's a true reflection of a diver's skill.

So, there you have it. SuperDive's membership model isn't just a new way to learn diving; it's a new way to experience the underwater world and its wonders. It's about building skills, friendships, and memories that last a lifetime. Ready to take the plunge into a bigger, bolder diving adventure? Dive in with SuperDive, where the journey is the destination.

Be honest: did you feel prepared to dive to 60 feet with just a buddy after your Open Water Scuba Diver course?

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Your Thoughts?

Got opinions, experiences, or stories about diving education and community? Dive into the comments below and share your thoughts. Let's make some waves together!

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