Readiness Guarantee

Our Instructors are dedicated to the “Loved One Concept”, which means (1) we treat our students with the same standard of care as our loved ones, and (2) we won’t sign off on anyone we wouldn’t trust diving with our loved ones.
Because pool time is a limited resource, our courses are run at a fixed pace based on students who are moderately comfortable in the water. Although we keep ratios small to ensure quality training, some students may still require extra practice and attention to master the required course skills. After all, we recognize that everyone starts their dive education journeys at different points. For this reason, we have introduced our “Readiness Guarantee”. 
Students who take advantage of our Readiness Guarantee can rest assured knowing that they can keep coming back to practice until both they and their instructor agree they are comfortable with the skills. That means no extra fees for the additional pool time, instruction, equipment rental, or air fills. 
We embrace walking our students through fears and frustrations. We don’t hire anyone who wouldn’t go the extra mile for their students’ safety. As long as you stay committed to training, we stay committed to you. 
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