Freediving Community Pool Session

Come work on your Freediving skills alongside other Freedivers!


1. Basic Freediving certification (any recognized agency) is required to attend this event.

2. Each breathhold requires a proper breathe-up, recovery, and direct 1-1 supervision by another certified freediver.

3. Any form of breathhold competition - even casual challenges - is illegal in NYC swimming pools.

4. No certification is required to attend, but this is a social event, NOT a lesson.

5. Starting August 1st, all attendees will require a basic certification due to insurance policies and there will be no instructor leading the group. However, anyone who has attended a Community Pool Session in the past or before August 1st will receive 20% off of related certification classes.

6. No equipment will be provided, but you can arrange to rent.


There will be a suggested training regimen posted (drills vary by week), but you are free to train in any way you like.


You MUST RSVP before attending by following this link:

Freediving Community Pool Sessions