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Image by Sarah Lee

We do certifications a bit differently.

At SuperDive, we're revolutionizing the certification process. Unlike the other guys, where training and certification are intertwined, we've separated these two critical components to ensure the highest standards of learner proficiency and impartial assessments. Treating dive training as a checklist to get through does a great disservice to learners and undermines the value of the certification card. After training, you'll undergo an independent and impartial evaluation, designed to assess and validate your skills. A SuperDive certification is not just a document – it's a testament to your expertise, a badge of honor that truly reflects your competence and dedication. 

To get the most out of your certification journey, we include a complimentary 1-month SuperDive Membership plan. That way, you'll have access to an unlimited amount of training sessions. (More info coming soon)

Image by Meriç Dağlı
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