Our Philosophy

What does it mean to be SUPER?

We believe diving should be:

Social: an activity that brings people from all walks of life together

Universal: the underwater world belongs to (and should be accessible to) everyone

Playful: diving should be joyful and fun

Ethical: the business and sport of diving should be conducted with integrity

Responsible: divers are responsible for their education, their safety, and their planet. 

... and that's why we're challenging outdated norms in the dive industry. 

Meet Our Team! 

Awards and Recognition

We're proud to share some of the recent honors SuperDive has earned:

Next Generation Leader


2021 (Nicole Zelek)

This award is bestowed upon distinguished individuals who  drive innovation to improve the sport of diving for future generations.

Visionary Award

Beneath the Sea

2020 (Nicole Zelek)

This award honors far-sighted leaders who plan for the future with creativity and wisdom. 

Wavemaker Finalist


2019 (Nicole Zelek)

Recognizes newcomers to the dive industry who have made a significant contribution.